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Do you take allergy medicine every day but still sneeze at the sight of pollen? Does pet hair tend to cling to every surface of your home? You can finally take a deep breath of fresh air when you get a new office or home air purifier.

Aerus of Ellicott City, MD sells and installs residential or commercial air purifiers around the greater Baltimore area. You'll work closely with one of our techs to find the right system for your space, so you can enjoy clean air like you deserve.

Discover the Aerus difference

Discover the Aerus difference

Wondering what makes Aerus air purifiers so great? Our patented ActivePure® Technology works harder to eliminate germs, dust, dander and pollen from the air. When you install one of our residential or commercial air purifiers, you'll notice:

  • Less dust accumulation on your shelves
  • Less pet hair and odors lingering in your home

Speak with one of our experts today to learn more about our office or home air purifiers.